Why You Should Choose Janus

Thank you for considering Janus Academy as an educational alternative for your children. Finding the correct match in a school for your child can be a challenging task.  The role of our Admissions Team is to find the best possible fit between applicants and the school.

During your research, we strongly advise you to visit a number of schools to form a basis of comparison.  Student ratio, staff training and expertise, support services as well as, extra-curricular programs should be considered when you are assessing schools.

When families enroll in Janus Academy, they become part of a closely bonded, caring community.  It is this caring relationship that fosters the success that our students and families experience. 

Our dedicated Admissions team is ready to assist you from the time of your initial inquiry through to your enrolment at Janus Academy . Please contact us at any time.

Janus Family

When a child is diagnosed with autism parents not only deal with the reality of their child’s extraordinary needs, but they also go through a grieving process for all the things their child probably won’t do. When my son was diagnosed he was three years old, largely non-verbal, and showed little interest in play and interacting with other people. I grieved over the thought that he might never tell me what he needs or how he’s feeling, I cried because he would never get married, have children, make a friend, go to a school dance, or even sass me back. In the early days of our family’s journey through autism when I looked at my son I only saw the things he wasn’t able to do. After receiving specialized intensive intervention my son is not only verbal, but downright chatty and yes, he sasses me back and I wonder why I ever wished for such a thing. He enjoys participating in typical community activities with other children, he plays games, and he has even made some friends in his class at Janus. In addition to all this Janus Academy is helping my son learn to read, do arithmetic, write, use a computer, and behave appropriately in the classroom. Now when I look at my child I see the things my son can do. Janus Academy is helping my son excel in more areas than I can possibly list. One of the most important things Janus Academy has done is to give me hope for what my son will do in the future. In only 4 years I have gone from seeing only what my child can’t do to imagining all the things he might do one day.

I was once told by a special education resource teacher that I would be much happier if I lowered my expectations of my son and what teachers and schools could reasonably offer him. I turned to Janus Academy for help because I didn’t ever want to look back and regret that my son had not been offered any and all assistance he might need to reach his maximum potential in school and in life. I knew from the first moment my son entered the classroom at Janus Academy that I had found a place where the people would understand him and his needs and stop at nothing to support his academic and social development. I am overjoyed at what Janus is doing for my son. Janus Academy has changed the trajectory of my child’s life and as a result they have also had a profound impact on the future of my entire family.

– Parent of Janus Academy Student