Educational Assistant


We are currently looking for passionate and energetic individuals to be positive changmakers. Join our team for Fall 2023.


Key duties and responsibilities:

  • To act professionally and responsibly at all times;
  • To assist in the delivery of individualized programs to students through one-to-one and small group instruction;
  • Follow program targets developed by the Program Coordinator in an appropriate manner;
  • Use appropriate teaching strategies, methods of presentation and techniques to motivate students to meet program plan requirements;
  • Maintain accurate records of data and events in the instructional session;
  • To attend and participate in classroom/staff meetings
  • To oversee key students binder
  • To organize, develop and maintain stimuli for key student
  • To complete all competency checklist in collaboration with Program Coordinator
  • Write in communication books on a daily basis
  • To follow morning and after school routines as set out by Room leader/Classroom coordinator
  • To assist in the delivery of group instruction and integration;
  • To carry out duties assigned to them by the Principal, Program Coordinator and Teacher;
  • Make use of services and support in the classroom and in the school in order to follow school routines and procedures;
  • To contribute to and adhere to the treatment philosophy and programs for all students at Janus Academy;
  • Follow bus/lunchroom cleanup schedules
  • Attend and participate in parent/teacher interviews
  • To assist students in annual spring and Christmas concerts
  • To participate in monthly classroom field trips
  • To attend and participate in scheduled supervision meetings with teacher, Group Instructor or Program Coordinator
  • To assist with the preparation of classroom materials, classroom clean up and organization
  • To supervise lunch and or recess daily
  • Complete incident reports as needed
  • Follow all other policies, regulations and guidelines in the School Act and in the Janus Academy Policy and Procedures manual.


Please send resume to:

Janus Academy
200-403 33 Street NE
Calgary, AB T2A 1X5

Telephone: 403.262.3333
Fax: 403.693.2345

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