The New Janus Academy - Building Our Future Together

 This September, going back means taking a giant leap forward.




With a vision of creating a new location to help overcome significant operational challenges and better serve the autism community, Janus Academy is moving forward.   

Calgary’s Janus Academy is the only school focused exclusively on the learning goals of local children with autism. Our ability to create transformational student outcomes is grounded in the ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) approach for achieving maximum individual potential.

Today, 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with autism (Centre for Disease Control, 2020).

The need is great. Each year, too many families are turned away from Janus Academy due to lack of capacity. And the opportunity to bring students together in a single location is long overdue.

The timing is urgent. In addition to the pressing start of the school year in September 2020, the rise of the COVID-19 world health crisis has exacerbated the challenges that children with autism are facing. Structure and consistency can be crucial for their success — two things lost in the uncertainty of the pandemic. Families are struggling to support continued learning; to create socialization opportunities and to build on their child’s progress from home. The children are back to school and thriving in an environment truly optimized to support their success.

You can be a part of the caring community that steps up and joins us in achieving a bold dream: a new school for our students. A place where children can push back the significant boundaries imposed by autism, learn to function in society, lead happy and meaningful lives; and acquire the greatest level of independence possible.  

With your support, a new, comprehensive school for children and youth with autism will create a host of new possibilities for Calgary families, including: 

All students together in one location (grades 1 to 12)

More room to grow and flourish

More students, more friendships

Improving focus, social skills, academics and more

Benefits for students of all abilities

Continued low staff-to-student ratios

ABA approach for successful learning

Central location, near Deerfoot and Memorial (403 33 Street NE)

We believe autism is not an end, but an incredible opportunity to see the unique potential in each and every child and help them flourish.

Let’s chat about how you can partner to build hope and empower futures for children and youth with autism.

Carlene Chrumka, Executive Director

P: 403-262-3333 or 403-860-5004           


Registered Charity Number # 889704144RR0001

Want to know more about our new school or Building our Future Together Campaign? We want to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the new school opening?

September 2020.

Why a new school? And why now?

We have been operating at full capacity for the past few years and the dream to have our own space with the ability to serve more children and families will be realized this September. The need is critical now more than ever. It has been a long journey in search of the right space that meet all needs, budgetary restrictions and sustainability.  We believe we have found a space that will allow us to continue “building our future.”

Why is it important for students to be together in one location?

No more separation between 2 campuses… Why?

So students like Nadia no longer have to lose their friends due to transitioning from one campus to another. She can move forward AND keep her friendships. This is especially important for children with autism because they often have difficulty navigating new environments and having familiar teaching staff to support their continued growth is invaluable.

How will the extra space be used? Why do you need so much space?

More room, for more students. Our classroom space has always been far too tight. We’ve literally been bumping chairs. And we’ve turned away too many students and their families over the years. This community needs schools like Janus and the needs are growing each year.

We’ve added more space so we can create opportunities for another 10 to 20 more families this year alone. Local families deserve to find the right school for their child, and not have their child struggle in a learning environment that doesn’t meet their needs.

How will having more students impact current students at Janus?

More new students means more friendships. Children like Lucas can have challenges making new friends at times.  Nearly two-thirds of children with autism reported being bullied.

CLOUD NINE!!! So… Lucas JUST got his FIRST phone call ever from a new friend at school!!! I learned that Lucas was handing out my number to all his new friends when he started at this new school.  Driving home today I answered a call and a boy asked for Lucas.  I said I would be home in 5 min. He hung up (LOL).  Exactly 5 minutes later he called back.  They said “hi”, “what are you doing”, and “how are you” back and forth several times. Then he hung up again.  LUCAS HAS FRIENDS!!!!  I’ll just take another minute to cry some happy tears.  SO many amazing firsts for my boy!!!

– Jody Castle (Janus Parent)

With continued low staff-to-student ratios and a foundation in the ABA approach, we know that current Janus students will adapt well to having more students on board. And the additional space means we have appropriate room to spread out, so it doesn’t feel overcrowded.