Why Choose Janus?

My child functions pretty well in the regular school system. Why should I consider Janus?

Sure, your child might be permitted to attend school in a regular classroom, but do you ever wonder if it’s the best environment for them? Will next year’s teacher have the skills and strategies to support him/her? Are they getting enough direction and attention? Are there too many distractions? What about making friends… does your child struggle to make those important connections with their peers that will help them really thrive and build confidence? Many children with autism are bullied by classmates. Janus is about making strong friendships and reaping the benefits of high and low staff-to-student ratios, so children don’t get lost or left behind. We work together to achieve their true potential.

Is my child too advanced, academically, for Janus Academy?

If your child is anywhere on the autism spectrum, Janus might be an ideal fit. We specialize in helping all children with autism progress toward individualized learning goals, including children who require minimal or low support. High and low staff-to-student ratios ensure your child has the best possible potential for academic success in an environment supported by their peers and teachers.


“We are just truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to send Megan to Janus where she gets treated so well and is accepted by everyone for exactly who she is! We haven’t had a single regret in choosing Janus in all of the 8 years she’s been coming to Janus.  You guys are truly the best!”

– Kim W., parent

“Charlie is our loving, humorous six year old son diagnosed with ASD at age three.  Early intervention was a blessing, however, my husband and I both knew that moving forward, in order for Charlie’s potential to be discovered, he needed a very special environment.  One that would further develop his strengths and see his areas of need not as barriers or limitations, but opportunities for discovery.  Charlie is bright, loving and caring and we just hoped for an educational environment that would be able to recognize those qualities and find ways in which he could learn without the frustration that he may otherwise have if not taught by those experienced with ASD.  I admit, I was nervous and somewhat apprehensive about this transition, but it was soon determined what a blessing Janus was to our family.  Charlie is thriving at Janus Academy, we have seen such growth in his ability to participate in activities, communicate his wants and needs, develop academically and after six long years… he is now toilet trained!!!!  His teachers had tangible methods and recommendations that Charlie responded to immediately.   I actually started to doubt if this day would come, but it did within weeks.   I cannot begin to express the impact Janus has had within three short months.  To add to this, Charlie wakes up every morning eager to go to school and bounds out at the end of each day saying the same thing each time “I had so much fun at school”.   Its hard to put into words how it feels to know your child is exactly where he needs to be; to be provided the opportunities to learn, grow and develop by those who have the trained knowledge to do so, and who care!  The communication I have received from Charlie’s educational team and other staff members have surpassed my expectations.   We cannot say enough about Janus Academy and what they have done for Charlie and our family…thank you!”

– Melanie B., parent