Our Programs

Program Overview

Janus Academy Society offers unique programs to individuals with ASD.  The following summaries highlight the continuity of services we offer allowing individuals to transition into school and through the summer, while maintaining consistency in service model delivery, staff support and connection to their families.

Our School Program specializes in providing an educational approach that is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis within structured individualized instruction and small group teaching sessions.  Our curriculum is based on Alberta Education’s Program of Studies. We follow a modified program that is geared to the individual needs of our students.  We operate on a traditional school calendar (September to June). 

Our Summer Camp Program is for children 6 – 18 years of age and is based on the philosophy that every child should be given the opportunity to participate and experience summer camp within a safe and fun environment. By creating positive interactions and stimulating environments, children have the opportunity to communicate, take notice of and interact with their peers and build upon skills that will enhance their quality of life all while having fun.