THANK YOU for making this season the brightest it’s ever been…

YOU helped raise over $14,000.00 this holiday!


We want to thank each and everyone of you for making a gift towards our annual Gift of Education campaign.  Your generosity also makes us eligible for the matching funds from the Government of Alberta, which will be approximately $4,000, giving us a grant total of over $18,000!!

We are truly grateful for this caring community that supports our amazing students year round.

Meet Faheem and Fatima… first year parents at Janus Academy.

“It was mid June 2019 and our 4-year-old daughter Afsa was being assessed for Autism. My wife and I knew there was something about Afsa that made her different. Her pediatrician mentioned Autism, but it seemed incorrect. Little did we know, most of the studies are based on how Autism displays in boys.

Within a few days, we were given the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and we both made the decision that we would not let anything get in the way of finding the right type of education for her. We began researching schools and connecting with moms groups online to help us determine where a good fit would be. Overwhelmingly that fit was Janus Academy.

During this time, I was working near Janus’s elementary school and each day as I drove past, I would say, ‘someday this will be Afsa’s school!'”

Fast forward to the spring of 2022… it was time to apply to Janus.

“The application process was stressful as we just knew Janus was the place for Afsa, where she would grow and learn. We met with Janus and Afsa underwent an assessment. We went home to wait for the call.

Heartbreak came when we were placed on the waitlist. The words were gut wrenching for our family to hear. But we know now that the demand for Janus is far more than the capacity, even with a recent expansion to a new campus. We told our little girl that evening she was not accepted, but we vowed to her that we will keep pushing for her.

On April 26th, we got the news we had been waiting for, Afsa was accepted to Janus!” 

Afsa has a bright future ahead of her and this is possible because YOU are supporting specialized education for children with autism. Small classrooms sizes with a dedicated educational team means Afsa and her classmates get individualized attention based on their learning needs. With your support, more students like Afsa will have the opportunity to learn, grow and reach their potential.