My child functions pretty well in the regular school system. Why should I consider Janus?

Sure, your child might be permitted to attend school in a regular classroom, but do you ever wonder if it’s the best environment for them? Are they getting enough direction and attention? Are there too many distractions? What about making friends… does your child struggle to make those important connections with their peers that will help them really thrive and build confidence? Many children with autism are bullied by classmates. Janus is about making strong friendships and reaping the benefits of lower staff-to-student ratios, so children don’t get lost or left behind. We work together to achieve their true potential.

How can I get a sense of what Janus would be like for my child, as well as the new school?

Let’s schedule some face time. As you can imagine, we are unable to schedule tours due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we are happy to connect via a good, old-fashioned phone call or a video chat. We’ll share our latest plans, any photos or drawings we have to help you see the vision for the new school and answer your most pressing questions.

Is my child too advanced, academically, for Janus Academy?

If your child is anywhere on the autism spectrum, Janus might be an ideal fit. We specialize in helping all children with autism progress toward individualized learning goals, including children who are considered high functioning. Low staff-to-student ratios ensure your child has the best possible potential for academic success in an environment supported by their peers.