Tuition fees

Tuition costs for the school year are $14,000.00. Tuition costs cover all school fees and school supplies. Tuition costs are out-of-pocket costs to parents and are net of any grants we receive from Alberta Education. On average it costs approximately $40,000 to educate each student who attends the Janus Academy. Funding comes from Alberta Education disability amounts, students tuition and the remainder of cost per student will be fundraised each year. Parents who have students attending the Janus Academy must make the commitment to help fundraise through a variety of events such as a Casino and Spring Gala.

Payment schedule:

There is no fee to apply. A deposit of $2,000.00 is payable upon acceptance into the program and the completion of registration. A next payment of $10,000.00 is due by June 14 and the final payment of $2,000.00 is due by September 6.

Medical Tax Credits

Tuition costs not covered through bursaries for parents of students can be claimed as medical tax credits if certain conditions are fulfilled. To be eligible for medical tax credits, parents must submit a letter written by a medical doctor or chartered psychologist with their income tax form. The letter must clearly state that the student has a diagnosis of Autism or PDD that requires the specialized services provided at the Janus Academy. The letter must be dated prior to the student's enrollment at the Janus Academy. A letter from Janus Academy confirming enrolment and services and tuition tax receipts will be provided to you prior to February each year.


Bursary Information

Families of accepted students may apply for bursaries from the following organizations. Bursaries may pay some or all of the tuition fees depending on the organization, number of applicants, and qualifications. If you require further information on these bursaries, please contact the school at (403) 262-3333.

  • The Prosser Charitable Foundation

    The Prosser Foundation administers funding on behalf of The Prosser Charitable Foundation Parent’s Choice Fund to support the Parent’s Choice Bursary. Up to 25 bursaries will be awarded annually, by lottery in the amount of 50% of the tuition costs of attending an independent school in Calgary or its immediate environs, to a maximum of $3,500 per student awardee, to a new student entering an independent school at any level. Each participating school will receive a minimum of one bursary. Once awarded, the bursary will continue to be awarded each and every year as long as the recipient meets the qualifications of the program. For more information visit www.theprossercharitablefoundation.ca.

  • Cosmopolitan Club of Calgary

    The Cosmopolitan Club is an internationally chartered, not-for-profit service club, whose mission is to contribute to the well being of the community through charitable donations and volunteer service. The members of the Cosmopolitan Club of Calgary are pleased to provide a bursary to be used as payment of tuition fees at Janus Academy. Applications for the bursary will be sent home to all families in late April and a decision is made by the middle of June.


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