Welcome to
Janus Academy

The Janus Academy was established in Calgary in 1997 to operate as an accredited, independent, non profit school to meet the unique educational needs of school-aged children with autism. The mission of the Janus Academy is to maximize the potential of each child with autism by enabling academic success and facilitating lifelong community integration.

Janus Academy specializes in providing an educational approach that is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis within structured individualized instruction and small group teaching sessions. Each student's program is based upon an individualized Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills Revised (Partington, James W. 2008), adapted Alberta Learning Curriculum, and a Functional Behavioural Assessment for behaviours that may interfere with learning.

Currently, Janus Academy has 57 students enrolled from grade 1 to grade 12. Janus Academy leases 5 classrooms in Ramsay School and 5 classrooms within McDougall United church in which we conduct a 10-month (September to June) school year. Each classroom is made up of five to ten students, a certified teacher or qualified group instructor, and behaviour therapists that carry out individual program and classroom goals. Individual program goals are developed and supervised by a Program Coordinator. All of our instructors receive extensive training in functional analysis of behaviour, discrete trial teaching, reinforcement techniques, verbal behaviour, and data collection.

Each student is given the opportunity to participate in a variety of school programs such as art, computers, phys-ed, music and cooking. These extra-curricular activities help to enhance each students program and are designed specifically with the needs of each of our students.